"Could it be possible to give randomness full strategic character?"
Project Prophet started with these questions. I wanted to try and think about the combination of the dark but thrilling atmosphere with fun randomness contents of the game 'Darkest Dungeon' and the perfect strategy game like Sid Meier's Civilization series.
Therefore, all things in the game happen randomly, but we inform the user of this random information in advance and give enough strategic opportunities to deal with it.
Randomness, strategy, and conflicting game characteristics were melted into one game to create new fun in our game 'Prophet'.

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Hell-LO Team Members

The Hell-Lo Team is a team that came together to develop a unique project that combines randomness and strategy into one game, Project Prophet.
In the beginning, development was started with a small team of 7 people, and the game was changed several times to preserve the unique game characteristics of Prophet.
There were many difficult times, and there were a lot of worries and work, but despite this, we continued the development with trust and eventually completed the game by harmonizing with the 13 team members.
The Hell-Lo team was a name taken from the hell concept of early development, but it seems to have become a team name that shows the hard work of our development team.
Even in the fierce development environment, it was not a hell, but a welcome greeting, a team that could become a hello.

Yujin Kim
Game Content Design
Hyejin Kim
Game System Design
Ina Hwang
Sub-Game Design
Minhwan Kwak
Hyeonwoo jo
PD, PM, Main-Programmer
Nayeon Kim
UI Design
Lehyeon Kim
Card Illust, Graphic Resource
Heewon Kim
Game Character Art, Game Illust
Hyeonhee Park
Game Background Art and Resource
Yewon Seo
Card Illust, Graphic Resource
Minjung Lee
Character Animation, Effect
Kwangjin Jung
Game Background Art and Resource
Yeongmin Ji
Art Director, Character Resource, Graphic Resource

Our game Prophet is a game that our teammates worked really hard to create.
There were many difficulties and concerns about making a strategy game as the first game,
but we made it with the hope that users could experience a strategy game that is slightly different from existing strategy games through our game.
Oh, of course, for those of you who like strategy games, it may seem like a really easy game, but
we hope you enjoy playing the game.


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