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2022 BIC

Masterpiece Chosen by Xsolla 2nd-The most fun multiplayer game(Cruel Tales)
Excellence in game design winner(INARI)
우수인디게임 (하늘섬)

MWU 코리아 어워드 2022

BestGame부문 최우수/ Best Student 부문 1위 (하늘섬)
Best Student 부문 입상(INARI)

넥슨MOD 모동아리 최종발표회

대상 (오르비스 탑)
최우수상 (혈압마라톤)
우수상 (엠카운트 점프)

2022 제1회 UGC 메타버스 제작 공모전

대상 (k방역 미니게임천국)

제6회 경기지역 전문대학연합 창업아이디어경진대회

우수상 (누가 닭다리 다 먹었어!)


2 개 작품 전시 (INARI, 하늘섬)
미출시작 부문 TOP1위 (하늘섬)

2022 게임 문화제

3 개 작품 전시 (Cruel Tales, 하늘섬, Popup)

타이베이 게임쇼

BIC/펄어비스 출품 지원 (하늘섬)


2 개 작품 전시 (INARI, 하늘섬)

2022보드게임 페스타

대학생작가존 전시 (Legion, 누가 닭다리 다 먹었어!, 플레이어님,어느 성좌가 좋아?)

Kor-Fin Esports Festival 2022

핀란드와 공동으로 e스포츠 페스티벌 개최


2021 Gyeonggi Junior College Association Startup Idea Contest

Excellence Award (Battle Legend! Gran Gaurdio)

2021 Seoul Metropolitan Area Startup Idea Contest

Bronze Award (Shinbe-dowinjeon)

2021 Global Game Jam hosted by Jilin Animation University, China

Bronze Award
Outstanding Team Award
Best Collaboration Award

2021 BIC Festival

Exhibited 4 Games (Dotgabi, NIX, Strange One, Doggebi)

2021 South Korea - Finland Special Game Week

Exhibited 3 Games (Dawn, Candy Sugar Heart Beat, Star Fall)


21th CK Game Chronicle

Collaborated with Smilegate STOVE
1st placed on Steam's Popular Game chart

2020 BIC(Busan Indie Connect)

Rookie Division Game Design Award
Rookie Division Finalist Audio Division
Rookie Division Finalist Multiplayer Division
Rookie Division Finalist Casual Division
Rookie Division Finalist Art Division ,
Rookie Division Finalist Rising Star Division

2020 Made with Unity Korea Awards 2020(MWU Korea Awards)

Best Multiplayer Awards
Best Student Awards
Best Graphic Awards (Dream Catcher)

2020 Gyeonggi Startup Idea Contest

Grand Award

2020 Gyeonggi Content Promotion Agency's Game Audition

3rd Place

2020 Unite Seoul Education

Joint 1st Place
Joint 1st Place
2nd Place

2020 Seoul Metropolitan and Gangwon Area Startup Idea Contest

Gold Award

2020 Global Game Jam hosted by Jilin Animation University, China

Awards Best Team Award
Awards Bronze Award

2020 South Korea - Finland esports festival

Held an e-sports festival jointly with Finland


G-STAR(Since 2019)

19 Team Exhibited Contents (Junior 16 Contents + Sophomore 3 Contents)

Concluded MOU for industry-university cooperation

Crest Company (CREST) ​​and 2 other cases

2019 CK Global Indie Game Jam

The first step of the school's own global business
Four students from Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic University participated

2019 GIGDC (Global Indie Game Contest)

Junior students(Team Storm) won the grand award for College Division
Sohpomore students (Team FixeLevels) won the silver award for College Division

20th CK Game Chronicle

Gyeonggi Creative Innovation Center

The 3rd Gyeonggi Region Federation Startup Idea Contest

Junior students (Team Black Mallang Cow) Excellence Award


G-STAR(Since 2018)

21 graduation projects, 3 app games exhibited

2018 Fall Joint Conference

Won Best Thesis Award

19th Ck Game Chronicle

Proceeded in Nexon head office, Pangyo

2020 BIC(Busan Indie Game Festival)

2 teams, BUD (PEPO), BLUE CUBE (PIVO) exhibited

Eve and ICT mentoring project (2014-2018)

AllCle won Bronze award

Epic Games Korea

Signed an MOU for industry-university cooperation to foster Unreal Engine experts

Gyeonggi Content Agency 2D Game Graphic Resource Contest

Won Grand Award and Excellence Award

2018 VR AR Grand Challenge

Advanced to the finals

Concluded an MOU for industry-university cooperation

Nexon Korea and 9 other companies


Seongnam Industry Promotion Foundation

Progressed Connect 21 VR/AR campus education project (Unity/Unreal)

Four Plus

Progressed new released game QA industry-university project

Eve and ICT Mentoring Project (2014~2017)

Continuously selected subjects

Unity COE

Global Partnership

Kakao Games

Progressed Black Desert QA Industry-University Project

G-STAR(Since 2005)

Exhibition of 20 game production results every November

Yongin-si Indie Game Contest

Gold Award (Team Amazon Parrot)


"Safe BINGO" board game



Exhibited "Silver Bullet"

Nexon GT(Since 2016)

Supported students to develop game projects, etc.


"Hangwa has Koong" and other 8 cases


Game-specialized crowdfunding [Ten Spoon]

Conducting various projects including special exhibition of CK Game


"Keytone Studio" and other 7 cases

The 3rd Gala Lab Mobile App Contest

Won Gold Award

Google featured game

Selected as (Student start-up company "Game People”)


NCsoft(Since 2014)

Progressed “Junior Internship” and many other projects


"Sword Master" and other 12 cases



Progressed "K WAC project" and other projects

Gyeonggi-do Youth Frontier Startup Support Project (2012~2013)

Gyeonggi-do Youth Frontier Startup Support Project (2012~2013)

Eve and ICT Mentoring Project

Received the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning Award and other Special Awards

Major Club "Haneual"(2012~2013)

Selected as a target club for the science and technology club support project for science and engineering students

Global Game Development Contest

Indie Game Division, General Division Encouragement Award


"Dragon Knight" and other 7 cases


HTML5 App Contest

Won Silver Award

MWC 2012 in Barcelona, ​​Spain

Exhibited app game "Booster Rooster"

Korea App Creation Contest

Won Gold Award and Bronze Award


"Booster Rooster" and other 10 cases

IT Youth Startup Contest

Won First Prize Award
Representative: Bong Sung Hwng 
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