Ready to Teddy

Ready to Teddy's production background was created to create a game that is fast-paced, can perform various actions according to the player's skill, and is difficult but challenging.

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Next Team Members

Our team consists of 1 programmer, 7 graphics, and 2 planning.
During the project, two people in the graphic department faced difficulties as they got a job, but they finished it well.

Youngbin Lim
Team Leader, PD, Programmer
Jooyeon Lee
Art, Background Modeler
Seonjoo Park
Art, Background Modeler
Seonyeon Min
Art, AD, Character Modeler
Hyeonjoo Lee
Art, Background Modeler
Sunwoo Lee
Art, Effect
Hoyeon Yang
Art, Background Art
Jinhwan Park
Art, Character Art
Chaewon Shin
Game Design, UI
Seonggi Kim
Game Design, System

Although our game is difficult, we hope you will play it to the end at least once, and we hope that you will enjoy playing it with generosity, although there are many shortcomings .
Although we did not complete it satisfactorily, we learned a lot by thinking that we worked hard during the semester.
Thank you to the professors who made this opportunity possible and to everyone who held the Chronicle event.


Representative: Bong Sung Hwng 
Address: 389-94, Chungganggachang-ro, Majang-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea Chung Kang College of Cultural Industries 
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