Boss Hunter Porco

It's no fun if the main character is just kind! Porco, a bad boy who solves anything as long as the pay is sufficient. For the title of the town's official solver, he ruthlessly attacks the bosses and rob their precious treasures..!

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Graduate Fried Noodles Team Members

The team name was chosen with the well-known stir-fry noodle brand and eat the spicy, spicy graduation work, which are famous for their spicy taste. Boss Hunter Porco is spicy as the team name!

Jisoo Park
PM, Game Content-System Design
Minjun Kwak
Game Content-System Design
Yoobin Shin
Game UI Design
Hyesung Kim
Creature Design, 2D Resource
Sunkyung Kim
UI, 2D Resource
Hyechan Lee
Character Design, 2D Resource
Yejin Jung
Game Art, 2D Resource
Jisun Ha
Creature Design, 2D Resource, Video Editing
Taehyeon Kim
TA, Main Programmer
Chanhwee Park

Is spicy fried noodles spicy for you? We're at Cheong Kang University, so it's just sweet... Ha, hey, just one more bottle of water here…

Graduate Fried Noodles

Representative: Bong Sung Hwng 
Address: 389-94, Chungganggachang-ro, Majang-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea Chung Kang College of Cultural Industries 
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