Before starting our development, we ran into a lot of hurdles.
The main issue was finding a compromise between time leeway and development cost.
While thinking about designing a game that takes into account the game direction and play time in which players repeatedly play and challenge in a certain section, we came to know Precision Platformer. <StarFall> was born

Game Screenshot


Fornew Team Members

For New is a compound word of For and New, and if translated directly, it means 'for something new'.
As the name of For New suggests, our team pursues and develops new things.

Hyeokchan Kwan
2D Pixel Artist / UI & UX Designer
Donggyu Kim
Jonghyeong Kim
TA / VFX Artist
Minyoung Yoon
TA, VFX Artist / UI&UX Designer
Hojae Lee
PD, Contents/System Design
Daeye Chae
2D Concept Artist(Character, Background)
Sujin Chae
2D Pixel/Animation Artist
Yurak Chae
PM, Contents/Level Design
Yoonme Chae
AD, 2D Concept Artist(Background)

Thank you for playing StarFall.
In the future, we will improve and develop many parts to make it more fun to play!


Representative: Bong Sung Hwng 
Address: 389-94, Chungganggachang-ro, Majang-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea Chung Kang College of Cultural Industries 
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