During development, we re-imagined the game.
At this time, we had a meeting with the team members on the subject of "What points did you enjoy while playing the game?"
While sharing each other's fun points, the story "When you overwhelm the opponent with your skills", "When the other person is angry because of the difference in skill", etc., is fun when you have an edge in the competition. It was taken as the core of development. Accordingly, we added flesh to the game by sharing the games that each of us enjoyed and the fun elements we felt in those games.
So, ONETED was born.

Game Screenshot

카우카우 Team Members

Our team was making a game set in the West. So, it got its name from cowboys and cowgirls that come to mind when you think of the West.
Although we have now made a game with a pirate concept rather than a game with a western setting, the name often reminds me of the early days of development.
If the pirate concept was taken from the beginning of development, the team name might have been "Hook Hook".

Jiwoo Kim
Effector, Team Leader
Soyeon Lee
UI Designer, PD
Younghyeon Jo
TA, PM, Animator
Sunwoo Kim
Client Programmer
Jihoon Lee
Client Programmer
Aeojin Lim
Item, Character Art, AD
Jongeun Yoon
Background Art
Hajoo Kim
Character Modeler
Shinyoung Park
Background Modeler
Yurim Yang
Jinseo Lee
Jinho Kwak
Dayoon Chae
System Design
Minji Che
Content Design
Eunyoung Hong

People learn more from failure. When a project goes awry, take advantage of the lessons learned from failure with new opportunities. It will give you good results.


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